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How to Emboss Leather: A Step by Step Guide (updated in 2022)

  1. All you need is a custom leather stamp and a C-clamp (or vice-clamp) for leather embossing. It's readily available from any hardware store near you. 
  2. Leather embossing with a c-clamp or by hammering (with pressure) generally works very well with vegetable tanned leather. However on chrome tanned or faux leather, the emboss is less permanent. We would recommend embossing or branding with heat for leather other than vegetable tanned. (Find out our heat embossing solutions here).
  3. Wet the leather under the tap or with a dripping cloth. This is very important for a deeper and more long lasting leather emboss. You can also use leather softener/stretcher to avoid stains on light coloured leather. 
  4. Place the leather between the custom leather stamp and a plastic board.
  5. Screw the c-clamp very very tightly. VERY TIGHT to press the leather stamp surface against the leather surface.
  6. Let the c-clamp to press for 15-20 mins at least. Time varies depending on the type of leather. 
  7. If the clamping area is smaller than the custom leather stamp surface, you might have to repeat steps 2-3 on different surfaces of the leather stamp for an even embossing.
  8. Feel free to ask if you have any questions! 


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  • I have a 6 inch C clamp with a T handle and I’m wondering if I should use some type of steel flat plates to hokd my stamp plate and squeeze my stamp into my leather in ordet to emboss a logo into to the deerskin leather. ???

    laverne cutrone

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