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Monogramming and Personalisation is the trend, how can we help you get more sales?

Customisation and Monogramming has been the trend for years and looks like it's not going to stop - says who? According to The State of Fashion Report 2018 written by Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company, "a Linkdex survey says more than 70 percent of US consumers expect some sort of personalisation from online businesses." Okay.. so what's our strategy? 

Go with the flow and make more sale by personalisation! Wait but how? 

1. You've made great product (be it leather, wood, or a piece of Jewellery). Let more people know about it!

A personalised product will definitely get more attention. Your buyer is more likely to flaunt it on social media when their name/initial is on the product. Leverage it, include your social media #s in your packaging. Encourage them to tag you so more people will be able to see your great product. 

Leather Gold foiling and leather stamping tools

Leather stamping tool, hot stamping machine

With our Heating Arbor Press you can have perfect embossing with or without gold foiling. 

2. Market your product as gift with a monogram

Need a gift idea for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Anything feels more thoughtful and personal with their name on. Better yet, if they can have a few fonts and colours to choose from, it gets closer to their hearts. It is perfect as Wedding Gifts and gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen too.

To make your job easier (we know you have so many orders, right?), we designed this T-slot Sliding Alphabet holder to fit on our Heating Arbor Press. It makes changing alphabets and positioning SO EASY with the Guided Working Platform. The same holder works with different font and sizes but you can always get an extra one or two holders to speed up your process. 

Heating Arbor Press with Sliding Alphabet Holder

3) The 4S - Slogan, Statement or Stencil to make your product SEASONAL 

There is a gifting season (or reason) almost every month throughout the year. New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter Mother's Day, Father's Day, Summer Holiday, Christmas, and Birthdays! Why not add a little slogan on your beautiful work and market it accordingly? A little stencil, a slogan makes your product visible and wanted.

Heat Pressed Wooden Tag by Heating Arbor Press

Our Heating Arbor Press & Hand Held Branding Irons not only work well with monograming, logo or slogan stamps are interchangeable so you can tailor make as many seasonal stamps as you want to. 

Leather Branding Iron & Wood Branding iron

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