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World Cup Edition Leather Goods & Embossing

Personally not a footie lover yet always enjoy watching a few World Cup matches, especially in a sports bar. The heated excitement is irreplaceable (well maybe the Olympic Games…). In this blog post I've captured a few brands which have brought the love of football on to next level with their leather products. Some inspirations for your own World Cup special edition? 

Read on to find out which of our leather stamping tool is best to emboss/brand on these products?

Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather FIFA special edition. Product range from Apollo backpack to luggage tags. 

Best use with: 300W Wood/Leather Branding Iron with light wood handle and digital temperature control (and it is ON SALE NOW!) Learn More

Full grain leather printed with your favourite team’s flag, Golden Concept’s snapped on leather phone case can also be monogrammed. 

Best use with: 

Heating Arbor Press for Leather Stamping with Sliding Alphabet Holder.  Our digital temperature controlled heating arbor press provides steady and precise temperature required for gold foiling. The unique sliding alphabets holder is tailor made for precise positioning for bulk batch monogramming. Learn More

Roberto Cavalli launched 11 uniquely handmade soccer balls with genuine leather and exotic animal skins. The collection is called “Fantastic Feelings - Fashion plays football”.

Best use with:

Light weight handheld Custom Leather Stamp with 60W Heat Embosser gives you best flexibility on a moving round ball. With an easy and quick changing of leather stamp, you can brand logos and names on with just a quick tweak. Learn More

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