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May I know which stamping setup you are interested in? 

We offer 6 types of leather embossing setups depending on           

a. Type of leather you work with (vegetable tanned  / chrome tanned / faux)          
b. Size of stamp 

The standard $48 one uses a c-clamp for embossing on vegetable tanned leather. Please see the instructions here:  

2. The 20mm thick stamp is designed for use with arbor press ($78). Sometimes it can be hammered on too depends on the size of your design.     

3. The good old fashioned stamp with hammering handle ($98). The stamps are interchangeable, perfect for multiple stamps (additional stamps are $48 each only)

4. For heat embossing, our 60W heat embosser is great for vegetable tanned leather, suede and PU etc ($128). Stamps are also interchangeable. Please see the video in the link below. It’s very easy to use and it takes only seconds to have a deep and long lasting emboss.  

5. If you work with larger stamps, a more variety of leather like chrome tanned leather & gold foiling, we recommend the 300W digital branding iron  ($298) 

6. The heating arbor press with digital temperature control is the most versatile setup that combines heat and pressure for embossing and gold foiling: $438 

Custom font alphabet sets are available too for initial embossing!       
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