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Leather Die Cutting Tools & 4 Leather Gift Ideas

Leather Die Cutting Tools

1. Leather Slippers

Leather Die Cut

With leather cutting steel rule dies, you can make leather slippers for everyone you know! 

Detail instructions here:

2. Leather Phone Back with Logo Gold Foiling and Initial Embossing

A pretty self explanatory leather phone back done by our affiliate The Crafties for a private product event launching, using the full range of our product including Die Cutting Press, Steel Rule Die Cut, Custom Alphabet Stamp Set, and Heating Arbor Press

3. Leather Strap Key Fobs with Initial Embossing

Save time cutting the leather strap with a leather die cut, you can decorate these straps with leather paint and embossing unique initials on them. 

Detail instructions here:

4. Leather Gift Tags with logo emboss


Have a wedding party coming up? Don’t panic. A leather cutting punch helps you save time for a perfectly edged heart shape. All you need is the custom leather cutting punch and a hammer. We can make it any shape, be it a heart, star or polygon. Together with our heat embosser with a set of custom font alphabets, this time consuming gifts can be done in a blink. 

Detail instruction:

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