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How to Emboss Leather: A Step by Step Guide (updated in 2021)

  1. All you need is a custom leather stamp and a C-clamp (or vice-clamp) for leather embossing. It's readily available from any hardware store near you. 
  2. Wet the leather under the tap or with a dripping cloth. This is very important for a deeper and more long lasting leather emboss. You can also use leather softener/stretcher to avoid stains on light coloured leather. 
  3. Place the leather between the custom leather stamp and a plastic board.
  4. Screw the c-clamp very very tightly. VERY TIGHT to press the leather stamp surface against the leather surface.
  5. Let the c-clamp to press for 15-20 mins at least. Time varies depending on the type of leather. 
  6. If the "clamping" area is smaller than the custom leather stamp surface, you might have to repeat steps 2-3 on different surfaces of the leather stamp for an even embossing.
  7. Feel free to ask if you have any questions! 


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  • I have a 6 inch C clamp with a T handle and I’m wondering if I should use some type of steel flat plates to hokd my stamp plate and squeeze my stamp into my leather in ordet to emboss a logo into to the deerskin leather. ???

    laverne cutrone

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